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How to send fax with MyFax real free, comprehensive guide

Maybe you already know the MyFax handy free service that lets you send free and without registration up to a maximum of two faxes per day at least 41 diversi paesi del mondo .
Le uniche limitazioni del servizio sono costituite dal numero massimo di fax che potrete inviare ( 2 al giorno ) e alle dimensioni del file e delle pagine contenute ( max 10 MB di file e max 10 pagine di documento ). Il servizio supporta inoltre ben 178 tipologie diverse di file dai quali creare i vostri fax! (ovviamente sono contemplati doc , jpg , pdf , gif etc)
Per Accedere al servizio gratuito รจ sufficiente andare alla pagina di myfax , per sapere le tipologie di file compatibili potete scaricare questo documento .

Ma vediamo nel dettaglio how it works: In
page MyFax includes 4 numbered boxes in which to place all the necessary information.

in Box 1, "TO" , you must enter the recipient information. These are Name, Company and phone number . Company Name and will be used for the cover of the fax. As for the phone number to send the fax , you must select the country in which they will send the document and then complete the number. WARNING! For a small bug, the site acknowledges that you are connected to Italy and pre-selects our country. Unfortunately, however, leaves incomplete if the country code and in this situation included the phone number, the service will attempt to call a non-existent. HERE IS THE SOLUTION: Before you select from the list a country other than Italy, and then reselect Italy. In this way, the country code will be correct.

Box 2, "FROM" you enter your name and Company (again for the cover of the fax) and an address of VALID e-mail . Enter a valid address is essential!
After the procedure it will be sent an email that will require your confirmation for sending Fax!

In riquatro 3 "FAX MESSAGE" specify the file to be sent as faxes and any accompanying message that will appear on the cover.

Now just press the button "SEND FAX" in box 4, and that's it.

we will send you an email asking for your confirmation within few minutes. Then the service will attempt three times to send your fax the number sent. will also receive a confirmation e-mail about the increasingly been sent!


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