Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Process Explorer: How to know all the details of running processes in Windows

Today I want to point out a beautiful, comfortable, functional and free utility that lets you discover all the hidden details of the processes active in your Windows system.
On many occasions it happens, for example, want to know what a particular process by the curious name that appears mysteriously in the task manager. Or happen to be wondering what the real resources RAM and CPU used by a particular program. And DLL using? Which interacts with registry keys?

To know all this just download the utility Process Explorer directly from Microsoft TechNet . The utility is perfectly portable, and weighs about 1.6 MB free . It 'just unpack the zipped file and launch the executable procexp.exe .

The Process Explorer window is divided into two main frames. The upper one shows a list of all active processes. In the bottom instead, you can know all the details related DLL or all of the registry keys used. If you double click on a process instead, you can monitor resources RAM and CPU used (any details), system services connected, threads, etc etc.

So, definitely worth a try!


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