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Vista: Remove and add items from the context menu "New"

you ever have the need to remove or add one or more items to the context menu "New ?
In general, if you have installed on your computer, many programs, when you access this menu, for example from " Resources Management" will show you an endless list of options for creating new files. In some cases the list is so long and full of unnecessary items that the menu itself becomes unmanageable and unusable. If you
XP and you want to handle the problem, you can use TweakUI , a profit PowerToys kindly made available by Microsoft . Once installed and started, by " Templates" you can select what you want or not want in the menu "New". To view
models do not exist as an officer and you should use third-party software, sometimes for a fee. There is a
as safe and effective method that applies to both XP and Vista . It does not require the installation of any software, but only change some registry entries.

Disclaimer: Warning! editing the registry should always be made with knowledge of the facts, and it is always advisable to make any changes before a backup of the registry yourself!

Here are the instructions to remove an item :

1) Identify extensions files corresponding to the menu items you want to remove or add. For example, if you want to remove the entry for a new text document, the extension you are looking for is.
2) Access to the Registry:
From the command prompt, or from "Run " Start menu, type the command " regedit" (without quotation marks) and press enter.


4) find the extent of your interest, in this example. Txt, and expand it

5) Se all'estensione corrisponde una voce nel menù " Nuovo ", nel registro appare la sottochiave " ShellNew "

6) In questo caso è sufficiente cancellare o rinominare la chiave per rimuovere la voce dal menù " Nuovo ". Consiglio di rinominarla, ad esempio aggiungendo un "-" o un "*" per poi avere la possibilità di ripristinare la voce con semplicità. Per rinominare la chiave, tasto destro su " ShellNew " , " Rinomina ", cambiare il nome e premere invio.

7) Chiudere regedit And you're done!

Here are the instructions to add an item :

Follow steps 1) to 4) above .
If the extension is not found an entry in the menu "New " you will not find the subkey " ShellNew . In the example, I have considered the extension. Bmp

a) you must now add the subkey " ShellNew . To do this, right-click. "Bmp", "New ", " Key", enter " ShellNew " (without quotation marks) and press Enter.

b) under the key ShellNew you add a new string value called " NullFile . To do this, after being sure you have selected on the left side of regedit " ShellNew ", press the right button on the right side of the mouse, "New ", "String Value", enter " NullFile " (without quotation marks ) and press Enter

c) close regedit ....

All clear?


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