Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Play Pokemon Deluge In Mobile

Fences, a new way to organize your desktop

Today I want to make a great little program free, allowing you to organize in an original and comfortable your desktop.
With this program you can create "virtual fences " on your desktop in which to put your icons.
Having set the dimensions of the " fences" (which you can choose key color, name etc.) you can add all the icons you want, organize them each according to different criteria, and so on.
If you put a lot of icons, the "fence " leave unchanged its size but by moving your mouse over a handy scroll bar will appear.
Another nice thing: moving a fence, all the others, and icons "free", you will have automatically.
If you wish to add a "fence", you will not have far altro che disegnarlo sul desktop tenendo premuto il tasto destro del mouse!

Il programma si chiama Stardock Fences , e gira sotto XP, Vista e Windows 7.


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