Monday, December 22, 2008

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Delete entries from the "New" XP: all this and more with TweakUI

you ever access the context menu "New " of XP (to be clear what it takes to create a new folder or a new file of a certain kind) and find a list of options that cover the entire screen, makes it all useless? This typically happens when you install many programs on your PC. To delete
That voice which actually do not feel useful, there is' a very effective method. It's called TweakUI , and it is a OFFICIAL for Microsoft Windows XP that allows you to change many parameters of your operating system.
TweakUI is one of the most useful released by Microsoft PowerToys for XP and enables you to costumizzare many things ranging from the behavior of the mouse, set the autoplay, change your special folders and more.
Coming to the problem of menu "New ," you have to do is install TweakUI, launch, click on the left menu on " Templates" and select / deselect all items on the menu again that sometimes include / exclude. Easy!


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