Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Augmented Reality: A new amazing technology try your WebCam

Today I want to propose a new and amazing technology that you can simply try with only a WebCam and printing a simple sheet of paper. It's called Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality) and shows all the techniques related to virtual reality that allows you to overlay a virtual element to the traditional perception. Of the various techniques you want to describe those that employ a simple WebCam . The first thing you Board to look at this video that makes you understand better than a thousand words.

basically consist of a simple printed sheet with a particular image. The software analyzes the image of the WebCam , recognizes the image printed on the sheet and its position and orientation.
At this point the actual image superimposes an element of virtual reality, in the case of video the little monster. By moving the paper or WebCam the image changes accordingly, and you can see the virtual object from different angles.

We are a bit 'of links to start with:

  • To test directly the little monster with a Flash application , here is the site Boffswana . All you need is a webcam, and print the pdf application allows Flash to access the WebCam.
  • If you want some nice software to install and do some 'evidence, I recommend the site Hit Lab NZ. Here you will find many beautiful applications that are ready, including the Tetri3d, the mere display of a 3D object, or a small software that lets you process your images.
  • If you want to get in and set, you can study ARToolKit, a software ibreria the free to program your applications of Augmented Reality
  • For something more complex ... go and see what their combined , have a look also at Artago .

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