Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Sparring Helmet Muay Thai

CRIB San Quirico (PESCA) 2010

To tell you the crib San Quirico, a of the "castles" of Switzerland Pesciatina the best thing is to invite you to go visit him and let you told by one of the leaders who will do so with pride and passion! It plays the territory of Valleriana already natural crib of his own, with its most representative buildings, churches and bell towers, as well as the mill and some homes. The following is
theme "the family" and therefore the characters represent real people of the place, nice note in the child Jesus is disproportionately large in well-emphasize its central importance throughout the performance. The light used for shooting with this is that the cycle of day and night that makes all the more fascinating. For the identification of each "castle", I refer you to this post leaving you try to recognize them.
All with K200D (ISO100), aer between 75% and 85%, with all except the one made with 100-300 10-20; all [A] , Top to Bottom and from left to right:
1 - 10mm, 30 "to f. 16 (esp. +2). 2 - 240mm, 2.5" AF, 16 (esp. -1.3 ).
3 - 138mm, 20-F.14 (esp. -0.3). 4 - 190mm, 13-F.14 (esp. -1).
5 - 11omm, 5 "F.18 (esp. -1.3). 6 - 190mm, 4" F.16 (esp.-1).
7 - 125mm, 30 "to F.14 (esp. -1). 8 - 260mm, 10" F.16 (esp. -1).
9 - 220mm, 4 "F.16 (esp. -1.3). 10 - 100mm, 10" F.14 (esp. -0.3).


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