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Windows, add "copy" and "move" in the context menu of Windows Explorer in XP

Today I want to explain a very useful trick that allows you to add options " copy" and "move " in context menu of the ' Explorer " Windows. Normally
to move or copy a file or files you need to open the source folder that is the target, select and drag the affected files from the source to the destination folder. With this trick is not possible to open only the source folder, select the files, press the right mouse button to open the context menu options and go directly to " copy "and" move ". At this point we will open a small browser to select the destination where you can indicate where you want to move or copy files.
All this is doable by a small change to the registry.
is what do:

access to the editor in the registry: From the menu
" start", " run", type " regedit" (without quotation marks) and press Enter.

registry editor go in:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \\ AllFilesystemObjects \\ shellex \\ ContextMenuHandlers

It should look something like this:

At this point, right click on " ContextMenuHandlers", "New ", "Key " to add a new key. Create it and name it:

to add the entry "Copy to Folder ... "


to add the entry "Move to Folder . .. "


Parentheses } and { must be present
You can create one or both of the keys to your liking. Here is the result


You can close the registry editor.

now Open Windows Explorer, select one or more files and press the right mouse button ... there appears new and useful items in the contextual menu just below "Send To."

is the expected result:


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